The New 4 Poofs and a Piano

The New 4 Poofs and a Piano have risen like a Phoenix risen from the lashes….

Camp, irreverent, self-deprecating, high octane, naughty but fun all-round entertainment with original comedy songs, pop standards, dance, physical comedy and light-hearted banter. This new line-up of the fab four, with the legendary Bobby Crush on piano, the fabulous if somewhat jaded Graeme Clark and the gorgeous and talented Ian Lilley joining original member Big Dave Wickenden, will have everyone from students to the blue rinse brigade reaching for their Tena Ladies!

The idea for a New 4 Poofs and a Piano was conceived by Big Dave, by the light of a frosty mid-winter moon somewhere on the A120 on the way home from a gig in Essex.

Faced with the prospect of having to get a real job, Dave decided to take arms against a sea of troubles and to recast and relaunch the group with three brand new Poofs. But where to find three gay men who could sing and dance? What a dilemma! Dave had a plan! He casually started observing all his friends and acquaintances for signs of jazz hands or harmonising to Lady Gaga songs, and, contrary to rumours of a struggle to rival the casting of Scarlett O’Hara, potential Poofs started popping out all over.

First to join was the fabulously jaded Graeme Clark. Graeme had worked with Big Dave in panto in 1927 and had gone on to be a West End Wendy of some repute. More recently known for trolling the Brighton scene as the inimitable Connie Conway, Graeme promises to bring a notable level of butch pazazz to the New 4 Poofs…please don’t sue…

Next to join was the brilliant and gorgeous Ian Lilley. Ian is younger than the other Poofs…considerably younger…and cute….and talented…and young! This makes the other Poofs hate him a little bit already and we may decide to sell him to Angelina Jolie if he’s not nappy trained by July.

Last to join the group, and for a limited time only, was the legendary Bobby Crush whose fingers are so fast and light that he could vajazzle a ferret while playing Rachmaninov without the poor critter noticing a thing! Bobby is looking forward to a career change from cruising the high seas to cruising the Poofs’ audience.

These three poofkateers will join Big Dave, original member of the group famed for his one armed choreography, immutable smile and legendary dance moves that have made him an icon to all plus size gays in the central West Sussex area.

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